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Transporting the CargoAi flagship CargoMART & efficiency tools right into a forwarder’s own IT environment & accelerating the digital transition.

About CargoCONNECT

A suite of API services allowing customers to search, perform bookings and track shipments including CO2 without leaving their own system!

Super-charge your business’ efficiency and productivity and improve planning and operations through CargoCONNECT. Our solution integrates one or all of the API services and provides an efficient way to retrieve and compare schedules, availability and pricing as well as booking and tracking of shipments by leverage the same high-quality data as available on CargoMART.




Implementing airfreight data connectivity is quickly transforming into a requirement of doing business. Bypass lengthy "direct integrations projects" and plug to the CargoCONNECT suite of APIs to feed your operative system or create your own B2B applications leveraging the CargoAi native integrations.



Schedules API

Discover the best schedule for your next air shipment in a matter of seconds using our multi-functional API that gives you real-time visibility of air cargo schedules, aircraft type information, and valuable information about upcoming flights. It includes our state-of-the-art CO2 calculator that allows you to make the most environmentally-friendly transportation decisions.

Rates & Book API

Search for available air freight capacities and rates and decide which options you’d like to book as though you were navigating our CargoMART.

Track API

Our air freight tracking capabilities help you track your shipments on hundreds of carriers until they reach their destination. It empowers your teams to track your environmental footprint with our integrated CO2 calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the CargoAi Air Cargo CargoCONNECT?

Need fresh, high-quality airfreight schedules, pricing or tracking data? We've got your back! We enable airfreight businesses of all sizes to provide a seamless search, booking and tracking experience for their users.

That means that the CargoCONNECT solutions are great for brand new airfreight start-ups, digital forwarders, transportation management systems (TMSs), and of course traditional freight actors who either have a TMS or an in-house operations get our point!

In our Track and Trace API, we offer the options to either subscribe to an AWB or automatically receive a call back every time we detect a change in milestone

OR call the APIs every time you want to retrieve the latest status update on an AWB.

In a nutshell the first mechanism PUSH-es you the updates whenever they are available and the second one requires you to PULL (call or query) the API for a status update.

The 2 options fit different workflows and also largely depend on your estimation of how many status updates you'll need (on average) per MAWB, due to the different pricing structure.

The Search Rates and Flights/POST endpoint replicates CargoAi marketplace search results and retrieves airline flights and routes, including availability and pricing on a route level, according to the search parameters and the user configuration.

This is comparable to the initial search on the CargoAi app.

Best practice 1: Search lead time

Airlines typically provide rates for search and booking lead time between 0 and 14 days before the departure date. It is very rare that airlines provide rates up to 1 month, so make sure you don't test for dates that are too far out in the future.

Best practice 2: Make sure you test with "real-life" shipment details

Your shipment details (dimensions, weight, volume etc.) should be realistic. Anything totally out of range or with dummy values in dimensions or weight/ volume will not trigger any results.

Best practice 3: Use filters

There are multiple options and we recommend to implement filters to narrow down the results in accordance with your requirements.

Best practice 4: Make sure your account is at Pro level before testing worldwide routes

The free Basic account only lets you search for schedules and rates on the route CDG to BKK.

If you need to unlock your testing to a worldwide network basis, please subscribe to the Pro account. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Well yes... and no. It depends which CargoCONNECT product specifically.

Both the SCHEDULES API and the TRACK API do not require any IATA CASS in the request body. Any airfreight player can start using these API and immediately gain benefits in terms of data coverage & quality and process efficiency.

The RATES & BOOK API will require you to include your IATA and CASS numbers in the request. These 2 values will be instrumental in returning the right rates from our connected airlines.

If you call our API without an IATA CASS number, airlines will not return any rate, simply because they will not be able to bill you after the AWB departure.

We're actively looking to implement a way to lift this restriction and allow you to use this API irrespective of your IATA CASS number though.

We’ve decided not to reinvent this wheel and manage our API solutions on RapidAPI, the leading API platform worldwide.

You can create a free basic account to start testing and can directly upgrade your accounts to the plan that best suits your needs when you’re ready.

Please note that you can unsubscribe the paid plans at any time.

RapidAPI offers the following payment options worldwide (except India *): Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and UnionPay. NB: Credit cards are processed through a PCI compliant banking partner.

To get you started and to understand the tracking API's event codes, here is a list of codes you will encounter:

ACC - Accepted
AST - Assigned to another flight
ARR - Arrived
ARE - Arrival estimated
DLV - Delivered
DDL - Documents Delivered
RCV - Received
DEP - Departed
MAN - Manifested
BKC - Booking Confirmed
BKD - Booked
BKG - Booking Generated
RCS - Received from Shipper
RCF - Received from Flight
NFD - Consignee Notified
FOH - Freight on hand
AWD - Documentation Delivered
CLD - Cargo Loaded
PRE - Shipment Prepared
ARV - Arrived
FWB - Electronic AWB
TRA - In Transit
AWR - Documents Received
TFD - Transferred
RCT - Received from other airline
SCW - Shipment Checked Into Warehouse
CLC - Cleared by Customs
TPL - Temperature Log
PIC - Available for pickup
SOH - Shipment on hold
PDD - Pre-declaration is done
MCC - Matching cancelled
DCD - Documentation check is done

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