Business Intelligence for the airfreight community

About CargoINTEL

We focus on delivering actionable Business & Revenue intelligence data to our partners, eventually leading to more profitable decisions.

Our tool is meant to serve Airlines (distribution, sales & network), Forwarders (procurement & product) & the airfreight community at large.


Why CargoINTEL

Stay ahead by spotting future capacity and demand trends before anyone else.

With its unique positioning at the core of the airfreight integrated ecosystem, CargoAi has developed an undisputed edge over legacy data providers in the industry. CargoINTEL leverages the unique CargoAi datasets from advanced API carrier integrations, third party connections as well as AI forecast.



  • Powered by state-of-the-art technology.
  • Advanced data protection.
  • The most complete & accurate air cargo capacity trends with machine learning optimized results.
  • Modular set up with capacity to add in more datasets as needed.
  • Live support and CargoAi business analyst to ensure the most meaningful insights to your teams.
  • Possibility to feed your distribution, pricing and revenue management systems with CSV downloadable data.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a partner of CargoAi, how secure is my data?

Your data is exactly that: your data. And we understand how critical your data is for your business. ​

CargoAi uses the most secured data centers and state-of-the-art security technology to host, back-up and safeguard your data. ​

In our perspective, few in-house IT governance frameworks match the levels of standard and data protection which we offer. ​

For our INTEL product, we only share data on a consolidated level with complete consent from the data owners and we ensure that all data safeguards the privacy and the identity of the data owners, with no possibility to reverse-engineer the data points. ​

On an internal governance basis, your sensitive pricing data is only shared on a need-to-know basis and we do not share your data with our shareholders, investors or board of directors.

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