Manage the entire air cargo booking process: Schedules, eBooking, eQuote, Track & Trace, CO2 via a single tool
Forwarders can request quotes and make bookings via the platform. The application allows airlines and GSAs to manage all quote and booking requests in one place. The tool also provides customers with data and analytics including 3D viewing of the shipment and capacity forecasts.


Feed your operative system with CargoAi plug-n-play APIs and start offering your customers most valuable high quality data (schedule, availability, rate, track & trace, CO2). Allow your customers to search rates and schedules, perform bookings and track shipments including CO2 emission data, without leaving your system!
The integration of one or all of the CargoCONNECT services provides an efficient solution to retrieve and compare schedules, availability and pricing, as well as book and track shipments, hereby leveraging the same high-quality data as available on CargoAi.co, supercharging the efficiency and productivity of the whole quote and procurement processes as well as improving planning and operations.


Increase booking conversion and ultimately business profitability. ​
With CargoAi’s CargoGATE for Airlines and GSA, you can get your own booking platform in minutes, and offer your customers an experience of the same quality and modernity. The CargoGATE provides a full integration to your own cargo system with your own branding.


Business intelligence for the airfreight community
Live Capacity Dashboard.
Stay ahead by spotting future capacity trends before anyone else. Powered by state-of-the-art technology The most complete & accurate air cargo schedule with machine learning optimized results.
Airline Dashboard.
Win the pole position in the digital distribution race and achieve the best performance not only on CargoAi but also on all your other API-powered distribution channels

About CargoAi

Launched in 2019 by its founder and CEO, Matthieu Petot, CargoAi is a SaaS application offering air cargo digital solutions to freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs.

CargoAi allows users to manage the entire air cargo booking process via a single tool. The online platform brings together freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs, and offers shipment quote issuing, booking and tracking.

All airlines’ schedules including cargo capacity are displayed in the application. Freight forwarders can check the flight schedules at a glance and compare rates thanks to this unique solution. CargoAi offers a range of levels of integration for airlines, from APIs to emails.

Why CargoAi

All Forwarders benefit from significant time savings thanks to our simple flight search open for 100% of shipments and 100% of carriers worldwide. Keep track of all your shipments using one single tool, open up a wealth of actionable business insights, steer your portfolio of preferred carriers, and a lot more.

All Airlines, irrespective of their size, benefit from increased online visibility, bringing business opportunities to new geographical markets and diversifying existing customer footprint. Reduce your transactional costs and unlock valuable business data to maximize your distribution, revenue management and pricing strategies.

Let’s build the future for air cargo together!