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Reduce the environmental impact of your airfreight with our Cargo2Zero solutions. Thanks to the Neste x CargoAi partnership, reduce the carbon emissions of your airfreight shipments by purchasing SAF.


Shift from ambition to climate leadership with Neste MY Sustainable Aviation FuelTM. The SAF solution is a credible and immediate action that reduces emissions from air freight. Neste MY Sustainable Aviation FuelTM (SAF) is a today solution, commercially available and in use worldwide. It’s a next generation biofuel, made from 100% sustainably sourced renewable raw materials, such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste. Neste MY SAF is a “drop-in” fuel that meets similar technical and safety requirements as fossil jet fuel. It is fully compatible with existing jet engines and fueling infrastructure, requiring zero additional investment.

Reduce your CO2 emissions now!​

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my CO2 emissions calculated?

Our CO2 calculator meets the IATA recommended practice 1678, which is, as of today, the reference standard for airfreight.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a next generation aviation fuel, made from sustainably sourced, renewable waste and residue raw materials, e.g. used cooking oil and animal waste fat.

Neste, founded in 1948 in Finland, is the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel, and a leader in renewable energy overall. Neste is committed to supporting customers to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 20 million tons annually by 2030. CargoAi is partnering with Neste to facilitate the purchase of Neste MY SAF for air freight clients.

Neste MY SAF in its neat form and over the life cycle, reduces lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by up to 80% compared to fossil jet fuel use (calculated with established life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies, such as CORSIA methodology).

You can purchase Neste MY SAF through the CargoAi platform in six simple steps:

  1. Determine the emission baseline you wish to reduce. This can be the emissions related to one or multiple AWBs. This number will be automatically filled-in if you get redirected to this page from your CargoAi shipment or report pages. ​
  2. Determine the percentage of standard jet fuel you want to replace with Neste MY SAF, validate the cost and proceed to the purchase on the final step. We accept all major credit cards. ​
  3. CargoAi will email you a receipt for your confirmed SAF purchase.
  4. Neste will deliver Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel to its partner airlines at the airport itself.
  5. CargoAi will issue the audited certificate you need for your emission reporting​
  6. Your air cargo emissions reduction is fully realised and climate impact is achieved! ​
  • Achieve real, in-sector emission reductions through physical SAF deliveries​
  • Accelerate emission reductions on top of any mandates and exclusive of regulatory incentives​
  • Use SAF to meet climate targets (scope 3), in line with SBTi guidelines and verified by an independent third party auditor​
  • Help grow the global demand for renewable fuels and differentiate from carbon offsets​
  • Benefit from a one-stop-shop solution to reduce your carbon emissions both on a transactional and bulk basis (possibility to reduce carbon emissions for 1 or multiple AWBs at once)

"MY" is simply a pronoun in line with the idea that all clients, irrespective of their size, can take ownership and tackle climate change by purchasing SAF now.

"MY" is simply a pronoun in line with the idea that all clients, irrespective of their size, can take ownership and tackle climate change by purchasing SAF now.