Our end of year gift to you

500+ airline schedules now available on CargoMART, 182 and 434 unique origins and destinations available for eBooking on CargoMART, 2022 has been a very successful year for CargoAi, allowing the company to receive the Air Cargo News’ Digital Innovation Award 2022. We want to share the joy and success with all of our customers with our end of year Festive Challenge!

From 15 November – 15 December 2022, each user on our platform will earn US$2 per booking on ALL confirmed bookings made, with a minimum of 15 bookings per user account to be automatically eligible for the Festive Challenge. Note that bookings will be eligible only after RCS status at origin point.

The accumulated amounts will entitle users to redeem the reward against the following options: an electronic gift voucher or donate it through a charity of their choice, both of which are available through CargoAi’s giftcard partner platform.

Mr John Smith makes on average 3 confirmed bookings per working day at ABC123 Forwarding Services. His colleague, Miss Sally Brown, makes on average 5 confirmed bookings per working day. John will receive USD 138 for his 69 bookings and Sally will receive USD 230 for her 115 bookings at the end of the challenge period. John decides to redeem against the Amazon option and purchase Christmas gifts for the office. Sally decides to donate the amount to the American Red Cross, one of the charities affiliated with the platform.

This challenge is based on per user account, so we highly recommend creating an individual account to participate in the challenge.

Our Airline Partners

  • Challenge Booking Period: 15 November 00:00 UTC+14 to 15 December 2022 23:59 UTC -12.
  • Minimum Eligibility criteria: Minimum 15 confirmed bookings at the end of the period, per user account.
  • Go about your daily booking workflow as normal, and for every confirmed booking, CargoAi will record it against your user account and tally up all the confirmed bookings at the end of the period.
  • As long as your user account has 15 confirmed bookings at the end of the period, you will qualify to receive the reward options.
  • On 15 December, all confirmed bookings are eligible to enter into the challenge as long as they are delivered to their destinations by 17 December 2022.
  • CargoAi will tally the amounts on Monday 19 December 2022. From 20-21 December, users will receive a congratulatory email to the registered email address on the CargoAi platform, informing them of the total amount earned along with a voucher code and instructions on redeeming the amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define ‘confirmed’ booking?

By confirmed booking, we mean a shipment under HK status with RCS at origin point (delivered). A booking confirmed and finally cancelled will not be counted.

Yes, the final cut-off date for shipments to be delivered is 17 December.

We are only considering bookings that reached their final destinations, not cancellations and no shows.

15 confirmed and delivered bookings are the minimum required to be eligible for the challenge. Thanks for understanding!

Yes, however the reward amount earned throughout the challenge will still be tied to the one registered user account. It will be up to your organisation to decide how to redeem or distribute the amount earned.

All airlines on our platform are eligible, there is no restriction on carriers.

While vendors vary per country, there are more than 600+ brands in the catalogue - we are sure you will find something that tickles your fancy. You can browse from our partner store here:

It takes less than 2 minutes to set-up your very own CargoAi account to participate in the challenge


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