Award-winning solution to manage the entire air cargo booking process

Schedules, eBooking, eQuote, Track & Trace, CO2 via a single tool

About CargoMART

With access to virtually every airline schedule, forwarders can request quotes and make both booking and booking requests via the platform.

At every step of the booking process, CargoMART calculates the CO2 emissions of your shipment. The tool also provides customers with Revenue Intelligence tools including 3D viewing of the shipment, as well as data and analytics. CargoMART also allows airlines and GSAs to manage all their incoming quotes and booking requests in one place.


Why CargoMART

Seamless airfreight management

With customer advocacy at the core of our product development, we believe that freight forwarders finally deserve upgraded tools to seamlessly manage airfreight procurement with ease and efficiency.



  • Manage your shipments anytime, anywhere and in seconds thanks to the best UX/UI in airfreight.
  • Display 100% of cargo flight schedules & replace multiple searches from airline web pages.
  • Compare airline rates, schedules & capacity for rapid decisions.
  • eQuote Bulk Requests & eBook in seconds thanks to direct connect to airline capacity.
  • Expand & diversify your airline portfolio to ensure you get the best deals.
  • Unlock actionable business insights including CO2 behaviors as well as Pricing Intelligence to optimise your procurement and your preferred carrier portfolio steering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step-by-step guide for forwarders

Our AI-powered search engine is specially designed to optimize freight forwarder experience in booking shipment space from cargo airlines.

Click here to get a step-by-step guide on how a forwarder can search and book their airfreight on our platform.

You can search for a good number of matching cargo aircraft just by searching from our main search page. However, our system can perform more targeted search with more relevant results if you input more specific airfreight cargo information.

Click here to learn more.

To use a template you have created:

  • From the top pull-down menu, click SEARCH.
  • Locate the required search template from either the "Recent Searches" or "Templates" tab.
  • For "Recent Searches" tab:
    Hover over the template you are interested in until you see a purple box appear and click the SEARCH icon.
  • For "Templates" tab:
    Hover over the template you are interested in until you see a green box appear and click the SEARCH icon.
  • The required search information will appear.
    Amend information (e.g. flight date, cargo details and dimensions; pieces, weight, volume, etc.).

CargoMART offers two ways to make bookings. Click here to learn more.

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