CargoAi makes a splash at Air Cargo India 2022

CargoAi achieved a fantastic feat at Air Cargo India in Mumbai, India. We engaged our industry partners and customers with a packed schedule of meetings, panel discussions, networking events, and media briefings. We concluded with a gala dinner and awards ceremony with approximately 800 people.

This was our first large air freight conference on Indian soil, as well as our first in-person gathering with team members since Covid-19. It was thrilling to meet our partners and customers in person and demonstrate our products.

Air Cargo India was a 3-day exhibition that was held at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. Our booth was strategically located so that all visitors could see our product demo and speak to us about how AI technology can help them solve their problems.

On the opening day of Air Cargo India, CargoAi welcomed our customers and partners with open arms. The success of any event largely hinges on its guests. For CargoAi, the presence of renowned industry leaders such as Mr. Yashpal Sharma from Skyways Group, Mr. Ankush Chawla and his team from IAG Cargo, Mr. Satish Lakkaraju from Wiz Freight and senior personnel from Etihad AirwaysSpiceJet, and Rainbow Aviation made this exhibition a memorable experience for us, and exemplified CargoAi's prominence in Air Cargo India event.

On the second day, we maintained our excitement. CargoAi won the 'Highly Acclaimed' award for 'Innovative Logistics Solutions' for providing digital solutions to the air freight market. CargoAi's Marketplace is actively utilized by over 5000 freight forwarders and is integrated with over 61 airlines worldwide.

“I congratulate all our teams for their contribution and commitment to maintaining our collective focus on innovation and technology excellence over the past 12 months; and to be recognized with a 'Highly Acclaimed' award is an outstanding accolade that all of CargoAi should take pride in.”
Matt Petot, CEO of CargoAi expressed his gratitude.

On the third day, Air Cargo India conducted a series of panel discussions that provided an outlet to share insights on the industry. Magali Beauregard, Chief Commercial Officer of CargoAi shared her views on “People, planet and prosperity - making air cargo sustainable for the future” hosted by Adani Group.

“In sustainability, as everywhere else, knowledge is power. We strive to provide our forwarders with the right tools and insights at the right point in their decision process to inform and steer towards better procurement decisions with respect to CO2 emissions.”
Magali Beauregard mentioned.

Today, we reminisce about those 3 days of networking, learning, celebrating and winning. Meeting our industry peers was a thrilling experience, from friendly handshakes to welcoming grins.