Airfreight Ebooking Journey: Everything You Need to Know

Online or electronic bookings are now applied to almost everything, from hotels, dinner reservations, grocery and food deliveries, to transportation. Especially in global logistics, e-bookings feature has become somewhat of a necessity, in view of the customer expectations and growing competition.

Convenience and efficiency are what drives customers to pick their favourite freight service. This can be achieved by implementing a robust ebooking system to make everything simpler, time saving and cost-effective for the freight companies and its customers.

The concept of ebooking for airfreight might be something you’ve yet found the chance to explore. Worry not. We’re here to help. In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know regarding your airfreight ebooking journey.

What is Airfreight Ebooking?

In simple terms, airfreight ebooking is a fully electronic booking system for shipments moving by air. All the processes, from booking request to payment, are digitised and automated, which are made possible by an AI-powered search engine. The neutral air freight booking online portals aggregate multiple carriers' information like freight rates, schedules and routing, track and trace under one umbrella, and allow the users to place booking from a choice of options.

The ebooking system streamlines your airfreight booking process in a swift manner. The process of airfreight booking which would usually take days to complete, now can be done in less than an hour.

Just like booking a ticket for a passenger plane, customers or forwarders only need to input their shipment details such as weight, dimensions, readiness or departure date, commodity, and airline preferences.

Ebooking system bridges the direct connection between forwarder and carrier in real-time. The request being made is integrated automatically with the carrier’s internal system.

The Benefits of Airfreight Ebooking

Here are some key reasons why you should use ebooking immediately.

  1. 1. Saves time

    A typical ebooking process should only take minutes to complete. You can even make multiple bookings simultaneously.

  2. 2. Saves money

    With a sophisticated ebooking dashboard, you can compare the live rates of various cargo on multiple carrier options, which allows you to make the best deal possible. You are given multiple airline options instantly for your shipment query which helps you opt for the most economical and competitive service. This in turn will enable you to save more money.

  3. 3. Mobile access

    The ideal ebooking system should be available in mobile applications. This would help customers as they would be able to make their booking request from anywhere in the world, whether from their home or while they’re on the move.

  4. 4. Transparency and visibility

    With the use of proper tools, forwarders can track and trace their shipments This is vital, especially when you’re shipping time-sensitive goods. Some features might even allow you to track your CO2 emissions.

  5. 5. 24/7 access

    Unlike human workers, booking systems don’t need sleep. Therefore, forwarders can access and monitor their booking requests at any time of the day.

Enhance Your Airfreight Ebooking with CargoMART

To be able to reap all the benefits mentioned above, a sophisticated solution is critical for success amid growing competition to provide the best service and value addition to your end customers. And this all can be made possible by using CargoMART by CargoAi

CargoMART itself is an award-winning solution for managing your entire airfreight booking process. It is designed in such a way that freight forwarders can utilise its feature in an optimal way, while also enhancing the airfeight booking journey and experience for forwarders seamlessly.

CargoMART is created with the mindset that every freight forwarder deserves the proper tools to manage airfreight procurement with efficiency and maximum ease.

CargoMART’s Seamless Process

Let us break it down for you how exactly forwarders can search and book their airfreight on this platform.

First, you can search your flight by entering the specific requirements for your cargo shipment in the search box. Next, based on your search parameters, our system will recommend the most suitable airlines which you can sort based on price, transit time, quality, response time, efficiency in CO2 footprint, and even filter the aircraft type.

For instant direct bookings with airlines, you only need to enter your AWB number against the shipment details already fed, and the shipment gets confirmed immediately. Many airlines also provide the option of auto-AWB on the CargoMART platform, where you can leave the AWB number field blank, and the system captures an AWB number from the airline that is allocated for your shipment. Once you are done with checking all details, you can click on the BOOK button to get an instant confirmation of your booking.

Our sophisticated system will allow you to check the status of all your cargo shipments under the shipments tab, where you can track and trace all your shipments.

CargoAi’s CargoMART airfreight management is designed with customer advocacy at its core. Adopting ebooking has never been easier than with CargoAi. Why not give it a try?

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