TAP Air Cargo chooses CargoAi to deploy its capacity offers worldwide
  • From 19 July 2021, TAP Air Cargo’s offer shall be available on CargoAi
  • The roll out shall start with France, and then the United States and the full worldwide offer shall be available at the end of August
  • The freight forwarders can request e-quotes and make e-bookings via CargoAi for the 90 destinations that the company offers
  • TAP Air Cargo is embarking on a new step of rationalisation of these freight reservation management processes by connecting with CargoAi, a leading digital booking services platform in the air freight industry. The primary objective of TAP Air Cargo is to offer its clients new, reliable, and customised services. By choosing CargoAi.co to deploy its cargo offer, the company has achieved its objective and is also offering them a new ultra-modern digital solution to support their activities.

    “TAP Air Cargo has implemented modern digital solutions to allow its clients to manage the process of transporting their freight in an independent manner. CargoAi quintessentially represents this model, with a highly intuitive and simple use of e-quote and e-booking functionalities. A genuine self-service platform for stakeholders in the field of aerial freight"
    Bernardo Nunes, Director Cargo Business Development & Transformation, TAP Air Cargo
    “From its Hub in Lisbon, TAP Air Cargo covers all continents with an average of 2500 flights per week, thanks to a modern fleet of 80 cargo transport aircraft. It is exactly this type of transport solution that is sought by freight forwarders and we are very proud to be able to offer it to them via the CargoAi platform”
    explains Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi

    A win-win partnership which perfectly meets the burgeoning needs of the sector for digital solutions that are simple to use, easy to implement, and which provide valuable advantages in terms of responsiveness, reliability, and availability.

    About Tap Cargo

    We have evolved into a modern air cargo carrier with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, with the main objective of accommodating all needs that arise. For this reason, we offer various export and air transportation services of material goods and animals, which aim to meet the most varied requirements.

    TAP Air Cargo's Mission, Values and Vision

    Our Mission is to provide a reliable and personalized service on a daily and timely basis in the collection, transportation, and delivery of goods on TAP Air Portugal and partner aircraft.

    Having as main Values the focus on our customers, their needs and complete satisfaction, we provide the transportation of all types of goods — from the most fragile to the most complex, whether materials or live animals —, offering quality and safety at the lowest prices. Toward this end we carry your cargo on our passenger and cargo TAP airplanes, providing you with a variety of personalized services to choose from depending on your preference.

    We intend to become the leader and the gold standard for the Cargo and Mail transportation sector, given its importance in the market. Thus, our Vision is to consolidate this business as one of the most important within the Company, indispensable to the maximization of its management goals.

    TAP Air Cargo’s Team and Partners

    We are a dedicated and humane Company, whose keys to success are simply teamwork and personalized service.

    Both our Team and our Partners — General Sales Agents and Handling Agents — work with the common goal of satisfying those looking for an air cargo carrier, with the growing preference for TAP Air Cargo services being both a reward and a benefit of all of this effort.

    As we are undertaking major technological investments, we are already equipped with a strong human infrastructure and all of the necessary tools with which to confront the biggest challenges, current and future, from e-Freight to various customs control projects.

    For further information about Tap AirCargo, please visit the website: https://www.tapcargo.com/en

    About CargoAi

    Launched in 2019 by its founder and CEO, Matthieu Petot, CargoAi is a SaaS application offering air cargo digital solutions to freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs.

    CargoAi allows users to manage the entire air cargo booking process via a single tool. The online platform brings together freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs, and offers shipment quote issuing, booking and tracking.

    All airlines’ schedules including cargo capacity are displayed in the application. Freight forwarders can check the flight schedules at a glance and compare rates thanks to this unique solution. CargoAi offers a range of levels of integration for airlines, from APIs to emails.

    Forwarders can request quotes and make bookings via the platform. The application allows airlines and GSAs to manage all quote and booking requests in one place. The tool also provides customers with data and analytics including 3D viewing of the shipment and capacity forecasts.

    For further information about CargoAi, please visit the website: https://cargoai.co

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