CargoAi illustrates solutions for sustainable air cargo

Sustainability is not a topic, it is thread that runs through all processes and activities, is CargoAi’s view.

The SaaS provider intends to position itself as Sustainability expert and influencer within the air cargo industry.

“Sustainability should never simply be seen as a separate topic relegated to the last slot on an event agenda, but should permeate all our discussions and activities. It should be second nature in our decisions,” says Magali Beauregard, CargoAi COO. Sustainability, for CargoAi, has a strong environmental focus in the first instance, but is not limited to this, and the company is currently working with an external consultant to establish further measures and implement relevant structures. Systems such as KPIs, for example: CargoAi currently measures its CO2 emissions, as well as the diversity in its teams. Together with the external consultant, CargoAi is systematically working its way through TIACA’s sustainability guidelines, aims to come up with a complete and concrete company strategy by September 2022, and is considering appointing a sustainability expert to its Cargo Advisory Board.

“At CargoAi, we are in the unique position in the market of being able to effectively guide and steer the airfreight procurement towards the most sustainable options. This is possible thanks to our technology, which allows us to aggregate data from all available inputs and create a single source of truth for our customers,” she continues. The integrated CO2 emissions calculator in March 2021 was just the first step. More solutions are in the pipeline and expected to be revealed towards the last quarter of this year.