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In this episode of “On Air with Air Cargo World,” Associate Editor Ashley Mowreader speaks with Matt Petot, co-founder and chief executive at CargoAi, about the origins of the company, CargoAi’s digital solutions, stakeholder adoption and sustainability within the airfreight industry.

Show Notes

The airfreight industry remains slow to adopt new technology and to automate and streamline manual processes to create a more efficient supply chain for all stakeholders. In the meantime, developers work to make platforms simple, user-friendly and accessible.

CargoAi launched in 2019 to optimize digitalization within the supply chain for airfreight stakeholders, aiming to simplify processes without overcoming legacy systems. CargoAi offers a software-as-a-service platform and API integration to provide digital booking, payment and analytical capabilities.

Listen as Petot shares his perspective on the industry’s digital adoption and where data can close gaps in sustainability.

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