Bollore Logistics & CargoAi Pilot

Pilot Scope

Schedule | eQuote | eBooking | Business Intelligence | CO2 steering

Airline Q&A

  • 1. Can my local office participate in this pilot?

    All Thailand-based carrier offices are encouraged to support Bollore Logistics in this digitization initiative.

    ​CargoAi’s goal is to offer 30+ airlines’ direct capacity globally by the end of the year. There is a good chance that there is already good progress in discussions between your HQ and CargoAi.

    We're happy to confirm that you can accept eQuote requests from Bollore (and any other forwarder) and you will not be charged for these opportunities.

  • 2. How can I respond to eQuote requests?

    You will receive an email from CargoAi in your inbox sent on behalf of Bollore Logistics. Once opened, click ‘See Request’ to enter our app. All information can be seen without any credentials. You can check the shipment details, and if you wish to reply with a quote, you may click 'Edit Rate’, choose between all-in or break-down rates. Don’t forget to set your quote validity before accepting Bollore’s request. If not able to accept their request, simply hit 'Reject’.

  • 3. What happens if Bollore confirms my eQuote? How will I be notified?

    You will be notified the same way as you received the quote request in your inbox. The notification will simply confirm that Bollore confirmed your quote and now wants to proceed and book. Click 'Booking Request' and it will take you again to our app. If AWB number is not yet assigned, insert one before clicking on 'Confirm Booking'.

  • 4. How will I be notified if Bollore cancels my booking?

    In the event that Bollore needs to cancel their shipment, you will instantly receive a notification in your inbox via the same thread. To learn more about the details of the cancelled shipment, click 'View Details'.

  • 5. What's the charge for my airline?

    ​In order to offer our pilot project without any limitations, CargoAi has made the decision not to charge or bill airlines for services and business opportunities.​ ​ ​

  • 6. How does CargoAi have access to my schedule information?

    CargoAi combines fragmented data schedules from around the world in one centralized location, thanks to AI and machine learning. Its intelligent module cross-checks each schedule details from airline websites, airports, and other third-party sources to ensure that the information is easily accessible for all logistics companies. If you notice any errors on our end, please contact us.​

Any questions please feel free to email magali@cargoai.co or book a short discussion slot here.