Edmonton International Airport and CargoAi Win the 2022 Sustainability Awards

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) announced the winners of the Corporate and Start-up/Small Business category for the 2022 Air Cargo Sustainability Awards – Edmonton International Airport (Corporate) CargoAi (Start-up/Small Business).

The TIACA Sustainability Awards, an annual program run in partnership with one of the leading industry IT solutions providers CHAMP Cargosystems, is now in its third edition. The Awards recognize outstanding businesses and industry initiatives designed to make air cargo more sustainable.

Edmonton International Airport was selected as the winner of the 2022 Air Cargo Sustainability Award – Corporate, for YEG’s Airport City Sustainability Campus. YEG’s Airport City Sustainability Campus is a growing hub of transportation, cargo logistics, manufacturing, sustainability, technology development and tourism. It is an integrated ecosystem that spurs collaboration and innovation while fostering the commercialization of emerging clean technologies.

CargoAI was selected as the winner of the Start-up/Small Business category of the 2022 Air Cargo Sustainability Awards. CargoAi will receive a cash prize of $10,000 and the two runners-up will receive $2,500 each. The winner was selected by the audience at the Air Cargo Forum in Miami. CargoAi launched Cargo2ZERO, a suite of solutions for forwarders aimed at decarbonizing the air cargo industry through use of a CO2 efficiency score.

“We congratulate Edmonton International Airport and CargoAi for winning the 4th Air Cargo Sustainability Awards. We are thrilled to see the progress that has been made in the industry on the path towards sustainability. The winners truly show a spirit of those who strive to do better not just for themselves but to create a sustainable future for the industry and our next generation.”
Steven Polmans, TIACA Chair, said.

AeroVect and Elite Champ Limited, the other finalists presented their unique solutions to the audience:

  • AeroVect … Ground support equipment automation
  • Elite Champ Limited – Air Cargo Vacuum Pallet
“We are delighted to congratulate CargoAi as well as Edmonton International Airport. The Air Cargo Sustainability Awards have grown considerably this year. The strong entries show the evolution and innovation throughout the industry and are a good sign of things to come. Now and in future, sustainability will be an integral part of air cargo.”
Chris McDermott, CEO, CHAMP Cargosystems, said.

The Start-Up and Small Business category recognizes and encourages young growing businesses as well as small businesses building their presence in the air cargo industry and contributing to its sustainability transformation.

What does ‘logistics’ mean to you?

I relate Logistics to Supply Chains. And what fascinated me when I joined airfreight 8 years ago is exactly that: the discovery of the supply chains networks, nods and inter-dependencies. It was like discovering a “ghost” industry, transparent to the main crowds but instrumental to the way we live our daily lives.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I could change really anything, I would ask that all the energy used to power our supply chains become green with 0 green premium overnight!

What three traits define you?

I’m a learner, and definitely a “can-do” person. My colleagues would probably tell you that I also have a great eye for details!

What’s the most important trend in the industry today?

In line with the above wish, the most important thing happening right now is that the industry is just starting to get serious about climate action. In fact, it’s so much more than a trend. We need to come together to orchestrate an unprecedented change and I’m not sure everyone is still clear on the pace and scale needed. On the other side, we need to remain optimistic and throw all of our joint power of innovation to design and rapidly scale the solutions which will bring our industry to net-zero by 2050.

How do you define success?

With 2 words: integrity and impact…