Matthieu PETOT, CEO of CargoAi

  1. 1. How will access to routings and capacity information benefit marketplace users?

    Forwarders and users will have the ability to compare LH routes, and best applicable live rates with other cargo carriers integrated with CargoAi, within the same window – this allows quick and easy decisions, enabling their jobs to be simpler and more efficient.

  2. 2. What potential challenges could arise during the technical pilot period?

    This phase is to ensure all technical integrations work seamlessly in the carrier's preferred markets. Historically, we have not faced any technical challenges during the pilot phase, since we ensure that the implementation is as smooth as possible before launching a pilot. We expect the same with Lufthansa.

  3. 3. Once the pilot period ends, when can we expect Lufthansa to roll out Cargo AI across its network?

    We will be delighted to announce news of worldwide go-live with a concrete date after the successful integration in our pilot phase.

  4. 4. What can you share about the pilot process? What does it entail?

    Forwarders who have an account with CargoMART (our marketplace) and are in the pilot locations will be able to book freight on Lufthansa as they would for any other carrier currently existing on our platform. If they have any issues, they will notify the customer support team who will assist in resolving the issue.

  5. 5. Following a successful pilot, what do you expect the roll-out timeline to look like and will certain regions gain access first or is it a global roll out?

    As above

  6. 6. When do you expect market users outside of the noted Netherlands, Italy and Spain to gain access to Lufthansa Group capacity?

    As above

  7. 7. How will this new partnership affect the amount of global airfreight capacity on the platform?

    This will increase the number of routes and the capacity available worldwide.

  8. 8. How has the response been from carriers on the platform in recent months?

    Since the beginning, carriers have been pleased with the smooth technical integration process.

  9. 9. What makes CargoAi different from other booking platforms like Webcargo or

    Our CargoMART marketplace is the only app that allows forwarders to manage 100% of their booking flow including. booking and ‘spot quote request’ for all commodities/WBPs/BUPs. Our accurate tracking API technology shows a complete overview of all shipments throughout the whole transportation chain. CargoINTEL delivers actionable business and revenue intelligence data to our partners, leading to more profitable decisions.

    In addition to our technical functionalities, we are 100% committed to helping the industry navigate an era where sustainability and reducing carbon emissions are essential in the industry’s present and future landscape.

  10. 10. Are there any new features/technologies on the horizon?

    We are continually perfecting the functionalities on our marketplace and we will soon be launching additional features. These new features will make the booking process for forwarders even more intuitive: it will be kept within the system without having to go outside the platform, directly to an airline. This will also apply to changes to a booking.

    Moreover, we will be launching our sustainability solution in October, which includes metrics that will be an industry-first and revolutionize the way forwarders consider their choices in making greener bookings.