Product Release Notes – September 2023

Introducing the latest edition of CargoAi’s product release notes for September 2023! As we continue to enhance our different products based on your feedback, we highlight the exciting new features and improvements that have been rolled out. Read on to discover how these updates empower your businesses in the air cargo industry.

Improved Search Results: LAT Information

When looking through the Route Details, you will now easily find the Latest Acceptance Time to help with choosing the right flight for your shipment.

Improved Search Results: Rate Insights

You can now get a quick glance at all the available rate info without needing to shift back and forth between rate sheets, speeding up the efficient decision-making process.

Mousing over the 'i' icon on top of the airline logo will now show you Rate Insights based on four metrics (Airline, Route, Commodity and Weight Breaks), as well as General Conditions and Shipment Handling Information. When available, all rate types are shown including Promo rates.

This feature is also available for our CargoCONNECT Schedule & Rate API customers that use the FlyWINDOW functionality to complete a booking.

Improved Search Results: Aircraft type Breakdown on historical capacity data

An improvement on the existing capacity chart displayed, further information is provided based on aircraft type for clearer insights. This appears just before search results are displayed.

CargoMART: Roles & Permissions

Empower Your Team with Enhanced Settings for office admins! You can now independently ADD & REMOVE users to office, without the hassle of contacting our Customer Support, putting you in the driver's seat of your office operations.

On this page, office admins will be able to edit user information and tailor roles and permissions according to your your organization's specific requirements. For instance, you can grant different permissions to Sales and Operations teams when it comes to making or editing bookings.

Improved eAWB – Freetext for HS Codes

We are continually adding HS Codes that users have told us are not available in our database. In addition, we have included the ability to enter free text (6-18 characters) in the HS Code field, without needing to select a pre-existing code. This should significantly aid in making the process smoother for our European users.

If you’d like a little help with any of these features, please don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.