Product Release Notes – October-November 2023

Introducing the latest edition of CargoAi’s product release notes for October-November 2023! As we continue to enhance our different products based on your feedback, we highlight the exciting new features and improvements that have been rolled out. Read on to discover how these updates empower your businesses in the air cargo industry.

Contract Promo Rates Now Available

On top of Market Promo Rates, Contract Promo Rates are now available in Search, API and Rate sheets. All information available for contract promo rates is the same as Market Promo Rates except for IATA CASS column.

Now you can easily use your own contract rates with the other options available and make bookings much quicker and easier. No more toggling around your excel rate sheets!

Email Notifications for Track and Trace API

Using our Track and Trace API from CargoCONNECT solutions, you can receive milestone updates about your shipments. Customers will now be able to subscribe via the API, supplying either URL, email or both, and receive updates delivered to their callback URL, email or both.


Roles and Permissions

Empower Your Team with Enhanced Settings for office admins! You can now independently ADD & REMOVE users to office, without the hassle of contacting our Customer Support, putting you in the driver's seat of your office operations.

On this page, office admins will be able to edit user information and tailor roles and permissions according to your organization's specific requirements. For instance, you can grant different permissions to Sales and Operations teams when it comes to making or editing bookings.

Our newest feature addition for Roles and Permissions is managing quotes/bookings details if a user is removed.

Now, when users are removed from the office, the quotes/bookings will still be preserved instead of being lost forever. However, in the future we want to give office admins the option to either lose the quotes/transfer it to themselves/transfer it to another user from the office.

Office Sharing of Quotes

Admin accounts can allow internal sharing of quotes for their office. All you need to do is “Tick” the checkbox in your Office Management.

It is beneficial for forwarders to be able to see other quotes and bookings within the same office. When you need to cover for your colleague this feature will be your saviour!

CargoMART aims to allows users to improve collaboration and transparency across their organisation.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality has been integrated for Microsoft accounts, soon to be available on CargoMART, following a testing phase. This will allow you to login to CargoMART automatically with your company accounts that are on Microsoft.

To learn more about configuring Roles and Permissions, Office Sharing and/or SSO for your different offices, please reach out to our Support team.

If you’d like a little help with any of these features, please don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.