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Marketplace - Book Air Freight effortlessly

No matter what size a freight forwarder you are, you should always be looking for ways to ship your air freight quickly. Comparing live rates and schedules on different airline portals is time-consuming and exhausting.

However, in this day and age, you don't just need to check with a few airlines; instead, forward-thinking freight forwarders are upgrading their businesses using Marketplace to take advantage of new technologies while also ensuring the most dependable and efficient air freight booking practices possible.

CargoAi was founded with a mission

Matt Petot, CEO of CargoAi always wanted to inspire and impact the air cargo world with a vision, purpose, and style. CargoAi team aims to connect the airfreight industry with state-of-the-art technology, air freight expertise and a very pragmatic approach. The team demonstrated that the Marketplace is a scalable, profitable and efficient booking platform for air freight forwarders and airlines through continuous improvements and innovations.

The Marketplace platform for air cargo empowers you to get all the necessary information about the live rates, schedules, and routing of various airlines in one place. It connects you globally with the airlines and GSAs across the world. It is accomplished by integrating carriers worldwide that can deliver live rates with their schedules and instant booking tools. As a result, forwarders can expedite their search, compare and booking activities for their air freight effortlessly.

What makes Marketplace easy to use

The CargoAi Marketplace is designed in such a way that you, a freight forwarder, may make good use of its features seamlessly.

All global carriers on one screen

When you are looking for an airline to ship your goods, it can turn out to be a daunting task. You might not know where to start with from the many available carrier options to choose from. But don’t worry, we have you covered!

The Marketplace enables you to place your query with the basic shipment details, such as origin and destination, booking date, number of pieces, weight and volume/ dimensions. Based on the query requested, it displays a wide range of available carriers on which the cargo can be booked. It displays the live rates, schedules, and route information offered by the carriers with options to book instantly. It also shows significant information like the flight numbers, ETD, ETA of flights, the transit halts, type of aircraft, and the carbon footprint of each flight.

All global freight carriers available on one screen

Quotes from multiple airlines with one click

Getting a quote has never been easier. Marketplace contacts multiple airlines through APIs to fetch you the best quotation for your air cargo. It definitely allows instant booking against the available capacity of the carrier. What’s more? It also renders a unique feature of requesting quotes from the choice of carriers. In other words, it allows you to manage all quote requests at one place.

Get quotes from multiple freight carriers

Booking request to best Global Airlines

Transparency between forwarders and airlines is always our priority. Using Marketplace, your booking request is sent to the airline in real-time and you receive the airline's response right away. The booking request is secured and connected with the airline's internal booking system, as well as, ideally, their capacity system.

Send booking request to best cargo airline

Global Airlines’ live rates – Smooth Comparison

You know well that air freight rates fluctuate constantly. In the usual scenario, it becomes difficult to rely on the live rates for a flight, and to assess which airlines are the most affordable. Comparing airlines’ live rates is now possible with Marketplace! It exhibits live air freight prices from 65+ airlines globally covering most trade lanes. Besides the rates, CargoAi has 500+ airlines covered for live schedules and 150+ airlines for track and trace!

Compare multiple cargo airlines’ live rates

Take your business to the next level

Amid sheer competition, you always need to be able to make prompt and precise decisions to be able to stand out. Marketplace helps you achieve just that. It extracts insights from the data and then displays them in a user-friendly manner.

Best dashboard for freight forwarders

Why could Marketplace be your choice?

CargoAi’s Marketplace connects with a large network of global airlines and provides a user-friendly and transparent air cargo ecosystem, so you can make your business decisions effectively, adding value to your air freight services, building and retaining your customers’ trust and confidence.

It is becoming the first choice of global freight forwarders with its simple UI and zero cost.

“My experience with CargoAi so far has been great, everything is very clear and user friendly. You cannot get lost on this platform. The thing I like most about CargoAi is that I get real quick updates about my shipments.”
Dave Samuels, Ralo Shipping B.V., Netherlands said.

We believe that the marketplace is an excellent platform not only for forwarders but also for airlines to make their customers happy. Why not give it a try?

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