Caribbean Airlines Cargo set to go live on the CargoAi eBooking and eQuote platform
  • Caribbean Airlines Cargo has partnered with the air cargo digital solution platform CargoAi to offer capacity to and from the Caribbean.
  • The integration is slated to be completed in less than a month. Effective mid February, freight forwarders worldwide will be able to access and use for eQuotes and eBookings for destinations served by Caribbean Airlines Cargo, including but not limited to Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados.
  • “Caribbean Airlines Cargo will be live on the platform by mid of February. In line with the renewed focus on customer experience happening on the passenger side, the Caribbean Airlines Cargo division is demonstrating a fierce commitment to improved customer service for its cargo customers as well,"
    explains Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi

    For CargoAi users, this means extra connections between the Caribbean region and North America, fully in line with the current user growth that the platform is currently witnessing. The existing pre-integration between CargoAi and CHAMP’s CargoSpot system is a strong accelerator as well,” Petot added.

    One of CargoAi's major strengths is having the ability to integrate a company in an average of only three weeks, regardless of the size of its network. This is a real plus, accentuated by the fact that most of the work is done by CargoAi's teams and requires limited investment on the airline's side.

    “Distributing our worldwide capacity offering on is a great advantage for Caribbean Airlines, as it allows us to offer customers a more customised and streamlined approach to their shipping processes. Caribbean Airlines has its own e-booking system, and CargoAi has the ability to leverage sales. Being connected to CargoAi and benefiting from this additional distribution channel is a boost to the airline’s cargo commercial operation,”
    explains Marklan Moseley, General Manager, Cargo and New Business, Caribbean Airlines.

    Just as with their passenger business, airlines are realising the benefits and advantages of eDistribution. CargoAi, a leading platform in the field, offers them simple and fast integration thanks to its proven tech and air freight expertise.

    About Caribbean Airlines Cargo

    Caribbean Airlines Cargo provides air cargo services connecting North America, Europe, Asia and other worldwide destinations to the Caribbean. With the carrier’s team of experts including air cargo professionals with over 30 years experience in the industry, customers can trust the carrier to move general cargo, critical cargo, oversized cargo and other shipments swiftly and efficiently.

    Caribbean Airlines Cargo offers expansive connectivity through its scheduled all-cargo and passenger flights, charter services and interline arrangements. Its fleet includes ATRs, Boeing 737-800 and 767 300 aircraft with up to 120,000 pounds of capacity. The airline provides its customers with the option of cargo insurance coverage and the benefits of a cargo loyalty programme.

    Caribbean Airlines Cargo is headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago with hubs in Miami, New York, Kingston, Guyana and Barbados.

    About CargoAi

    Launched in 2019 by its founder and CEO, Matthieu Petot, CargoAi is a SaaS application offering air cargo digital solutions to freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs.

    CargoAi allows users to manage the entire air cargo booking process via a single tool. The online platform brings together freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs, and offers shipment quote issuing, booking and tracking.

    All airlines’ schedules including cargo capacity are displayed in the application. Freight forwarders can check the flight schedules at a glance and compare rates thanks to this unique solution. CargoAi offers a range of levels of integration for airlines, from APIs to emails.

    Forwarders can request quotes and make bookings via the platform. The application allows airlines and GSAs to manage all quote and booking requests in one place. The tool also provides customers with data and analytics including 3D viewing of the shipment and capacity forecasts.

    For further information about CargoAi, please visit the website:

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