CargoMART Product Release Notes – July 2024

Introducing CargoMART’s product release notes - July 2024 edition!

This month marks a huge milestone as we are announcing an important Feature release amongst other updates. Read on to learn more.

Allotments Feature [NEW]

We’re excited to announce the release of our Allotment Feature!

The Allotment Feature grants forwarders the ability to place batch allotment pre-bookings with airlines directly on our platform. This feature allows you to pre-book and secure space in batches on selected flights in 1 click - cutting down the entire reservation process from days to seconds!

Important details:

  • Allotment bookings are open for a selected 40+ airlines & will keep expanding over time.
  • We have improved the experience by enabling users with the option to select similar alternative flights in case the requested flight is not available. The new flight selection option is shown conveniently on the same allotment tab as a popup, removing any need for repeated searches or navigating to different places on the app. Only flights with the allotment feature enabled will be displayed.
  • Even if the airline booking window is not open yet, users can still upload the allotment booking and the booking request will be sent automatically when the booking window opens.
  • Users and airlines will receive summary emails after the allotment booking requests are made, to prevent flooding of the mailbox and help consolidate details for more clarity.
  • Reasons for “Failed” bookings will be specified to help users in case they need to re-submit corrected booking requests.

If you want to learn more about this big launch head over to our latest article about this release here.

Interested in the new feature?

Reach out to our helpful Customer Success team who will assist you in activation and first steps.


Rate Sheet Improvements

With the aim of making your user journey easier and more transparent we have worked on improvements to the Rates Tab.

The Airline Rate Sheet table now shows the valid time range for each type of rate instead of just the overall time range. This is aimed to improve data accuracy for users as they use the repository for everyday operations.


CargoAi is committed to building the most user friendly and operationally efficient solutions by setting new standards for digital booking solutions in the market. Everything you need, you can find with ease on CargoMART.

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