CargoMART Product Release Notes – May 2024

Introducing the latest edition of CargoMART’s product release notes for May 2024!

This month we worked on some long-awaited feature requests and updates. As we continue to enhance CargoMART and build and roll-out CargoMART Pro, we are excited to highlight the exciting new features and improvements that have been released.

Read on to discover how these updates empower your businesses in the air cargo industry.

City Search Option in CargoMart

CargoMART now allows users to search by city and view all available airport options at the origin or destination, depending on the selected city.

CargoMART is our flagship product that allows forwarders to search airline cargo capacities, make ebookings, track shipments and more. Up until now users could only search for airline routes and capacity from specific airport to airport.

With our latest development users can now choose to either search:

  • City to Airport – View all possible routes from all available airport options at selected origin to a selected destination airport (E.g. in image below Milan (All Airports)– FRA)
  • Airport to City - View all possible routes from a selected origin to all available airport options at selected destination (E.g. in image below SIN – Tokyo (All Airports))

We currently don’t allow searches from city to city.

This latest development allows users to broaden their search parameters and choose from a far greater number of possible route options, giving them more flexibility & finding the best rates while booking shipments.

Acess GHA documents on Shipment Details page

Forwarders now have access to GHA documents directly from the shipment details page, locating them in two distinct areas: the rate section and the shipment handling section.

This enhancement addresses a critical need by offering comprehensive information to forwarders regarding GHA specifics at the time of booking. The accessible documents contain operational details such as specific cut-off times, delivery addresses, and terminal handling charges, including OCDC charge specifics.


Airline Contact Dashboard

Forwarders now have the capability to search for airline contacts within CargoMART to enhance their business operations.


  • This feature is only available to CargoMART Pro users.
  • Users are limited to viewing the airline contacts of the country of their selected office. If your company has multiple offices on CargoMART, simply switch offices from the top navigation bar to view airline contacts from your other registered locations.


CargoAi is committed to building the most user friendly and operationally efficient solutions by ensuring easy access to all important information. Everything you need, you can find with ease on CargoMART.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for further improvements.