CargoMART Release Notes – May 2023

Introducing the latest edition of CargoMART's product release notes for May 2023! As we continue to enhance CargoMART based on your feedback, we highlight the exciting new features and improvements that have been rolled out. Read on to discover how these updates empower your businesses in the air cargo industry.

💡 Just a friendly reminder that we unveiled the eAWB feature for all our users a few weeks back - FWB and FHL is now open to every user for all CargoMART airlines.

Booking Management

Seamless Intra-Office Sharing: Quotes, Bookings and more!

Is your colleague going on leave? You can now easily take over any ongoing bookings or quotes regardless of its status from your own account! Say goodbye to logging in and out of each other’s CargoMART account to lend your colleague a helping hand. It will also allow you to keep an eye on the shipment delivery status even after the booking is confirmed.

Please login to your CargoMART account and contact our helpdesk (the speech bubble in the bottom right) to indicate your interest in enabling this for your office.

Quotes/Shipments that are not done by the logged in user but have the feature enabled will be highlighted in blue.

Rates Management

BUP Rates get Better

You can now view BUP rates on both your contract and market rate sheets. This means you can now access and compare BUP rates seamlessly, giving you greater flexibility and options when it comes to choosing the most cost-effective solutions for your shipments.

See the Big Picture

But that's not all! We've also added Day, Density, and Flight number columns to all rate sheets. With these new additions, you can now have a comprehensive view of important information right at your fingertips.

Supercharge your business growth! Simply upload your rates to, to make CargoMART your primary Rate Management system.

Shipment Management

'At Destination'

We’ve added an extra status in the shipment journey to make it clear for you when your shipment has landed on the other side and is waiting for collection! Shipment ‘At Destination’ is the same status as ‘NFD’, which may be more recognizable to some of you.

Simplified Communication

Get a quick glance at the GHA’s name, address and opening hours clearly laid out on the shipment details page before you hit CONFIRM. This is only available on the shipment details page, not via email notification.

*Applicable for the following airlines only Avianca, ITA, Etihad, ECS, Turkish, MASKargo, and Qatar at time of publishing, with more to come

If you’d like a little help with any of these features, please don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.