CargoMART Release Notes – Jun 2023

Introducing the latest edition of CargoMART's product release notes for June 2023! As we continue to enhance CargoMART based on your feedback, we highlight the exciting new features and improvements that have been rolled out. Read on to discover how these updates empower your businesses in the air cargo industry.

Booking Management

Import Booking Improvements

Now, when you are fulfilling your import bookings using CargoMART Payments (powered by CargoWALLET), you can select from a menu of additional services to make your shipment handling smooth and fuss-free.

On the shipment details page (see image below), go ahead and select the ‘add-ons’ proposed by our partners.

Read more: Who Are Our Trusted Partners?

Rates Management

2 Additional Rate Types for Forwarders

Great news - we are offering flexibility in the types of rates users can upload!

The 2 new additions are INTERNAL and SELLING, accessed in the COMPARE RATES tab.

Use Case for large enterprise forwarders:

  1. SELLING rates are to sell to your customers.
  2. INTERNAL rates allow enhanced visibility by sharing across your different offices for internal billing e.g. a France user can see the rates from USA set by his USA team colleagues.

You can now use our rate management system as an internal referencing tool across offices!

If you’d like a little help with any of these features, please don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.