Capacity Statistics - July 2022

Beginning in August 2022, we will generate a report on air cargo airlines' capacity statistics, with data sourced from CargoINTEL, a cutting-edge platform for airline cargo capacity. The report includes key facts and figures of inter-regions and intra-regions in comparison to the previous month.

Top Inter-Regional Cargo Capacity

Top inter-regional air cargo capacity
RegionCapacity in July 2022 (100k tons)Variance vis-a-vis June 2022
Asia & Pacific-->Europe201.056.9%
Asia & Pacific-->Middle East155.7-5.1%
Asia & Pacific-->North America272.8811.1%
Europe-->Asia & Pacific245.598.1%
Europe-->Middle East176.48.9%
Europe-->North America289.93%
Latin America-->North America1221.8%
Middle East-->Asia & Pacific167.9-0.3%
Middle East-->Europe162.26.2%
North America-->Asia & Pacific285.357%
North America-->Europe342.393.7%
North America-->Latin America124.5-1%


  • Inter-regional capacity of July 2022 represents an increase in most regions MOM.
  • Asia & Pacific --> North America and Europe --> Middle East have grown by 11.1% and 8.9% respectively compared to June 2022.
  • There are three regions which have seen capacity reduction compared to June 2022 — Asia & Pacific --> Middle East, Middle East --> Asia & Pacific, North America --> Latin America.
  • Both belly Capacity (Wide-body and Narrow-body) and freighter capacity have increased from Latin America --> North America, North America --> Europe and North America --> Asia & Pacific.

Top Intra-Regional Cargo Capacity

Top intra-regional air cargo capacity
RegionCapacity in July 2022 (100k tons)Variance vis-a-vis June 2022
Asia & Pacific25332.1%
Latin America 333.5-5.3%


  • In July 2022, capacity within Asia & Pacific has increased by 2.1% in comparison with June 2022 which equates to an increase by 5300k tons.
  • There has been an overall reduction in capacity within the Latin America region by 1880k tons which is approx. to 5.3% MOM.
  • Within the Asia & Pacific region, the narrowbody and freighter capacity have decreased by 800k tons and 400k tons respectively. However, widebody capacity has increased by 6500k tons in July 2022 compared with previous month.
  • Both belly capacity and Freighter capacity within Latin America region have reduced by approx. 1204k tons and 640k tons respectively in July 2022 MOM.

Air Cargo Global Market Analysis

Air Cargo Global Market Analysis


  • Seasonally adjusted cargo ton-kilometers (CTKs) increased by 0.7% in the month of June, following a flat outturn last month. Compared with a year ago, June CTKs were 6.4% lower, a modest improvement from the 8.7% decline in May. Available cargo ton-kilometers (ACTKs) increased by 6.7% year-on-year (YoY)
  • Latin America and Africa are the only two regions currently showing a YoY increase in air cargo traffic, of 19.6% and 5.7% YoY, respectively. Two consecutive solid monthly increases for Asia Pacific CTKs are positive developments, coinciding with the easing of lockdown restrictions in China.
  • The easing of restrictions in China and reduced disruption in global supply chains is likely to be good news for world trade and air cargo volumes in coming months. However, the impact of high inflation and rising interest rates will work against this expected recovery.


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