How did we create the best Flight Schedule solution for Air Cargo ?

In 2020, the global pandemic has impacted all Airlines and Forwarder companies, as we experience uncertainty in flight schedules and unpredictable last-minute changes frequently. With CargoAI Live Schedule these risks can be minimised, and new routes can be found globally within seconds, not minutes.

Immediate access to all Air Cargo schedules

Having access to the most accurate flight route data is key to Freight Forwarders’ success. Today, the vast majority of the flight schedule providers are tailored towards the passenger and travel industry. They include limited numbers of cargo flights and calculate the available connection possibilities with specific requirements (e.g. codeshare, short transit time) that are only useful for passengers, not airfreight. In addition, these schedules only get the latest flight information updates on a two week or monthly basis, while flights can be cancelled last-minute, new charters can pop up, and even whole routes can be discontinued within a few days due to the global pandemic (COVID-19). As industry experts ourselves, we have experienced the disadvantages of these services (inaccuracies, rare updates) for a long time. This is why we decided to create our own schedule engine, tailored for Air Cargo needs.

You will always know who is flying, when and where

What if all schedules could be accessed via one search that gives an overview on all cargo flights? What if updates are not received but rather accessed and refreshed on a daily basis? These questions pushed our team forward to find a solution and develop a search engine that can provide all that. This is how CargoAI’s Live Schedule was born. Our dedicated team has worked hard for the last 9 months to build CargoAI’s Live Schedule which we consider as the most accurate and technologically advanced schedule aggregator in the airfreight industry.

How does CargoAI Live Schedule work?

The power of the search is based on the following four pillars:

  • 1. We combine multiple sources (Airlines schedules, Airports data and others) that werefresh DAILY
  • 2. We focus on Airfreight, thus weinclude Full Freighters as well asCharters Flights and we build the connections based on Air Cargo needs and based on the products shipped.
  • 3. We use the latest technology so accessing results of your search is 10x faster compared to traditional schedule providers.
  • 4. Finally,we rely on AI and machine learning that improves everyday the relevancy of the results that your business really needs.


How to go digital from analogue in minutes with CargoAI Live Schedule?

CargoAI Live Schedule was created as a truly digital platform and can be accessed from any browser and any device. Use your laptop, smartphone or tablet, go to our website and start searching. Simple as that. No need to Sign in or Register, your search results will show up in a twinkling of an eye. No more phone calls or long emails, just one simple search.

We also provide API and Analytics

We provide API for logistics companies which can be embedded in their own systems. This way, they can have the power of CargoAI Live Schedule, integrated into their systems and have access to our tailor-made, daily refreshed database.

Enhancing your business via reporting and analytics

As route management requires historical data, CargoAI reports and analytics can support business decisions with insights such as capacity trends, schedules, flight traffic, connections and even forecasts. We help identify new routes, predict and plan to improve operations and avoid risk. These reports can be requested monthly or can be available directly on CargoAI’s platform. CargoAI Live Schedule is a fast, accurate and the only schedule provider that is 100% tailor-made for Air Cargo. Try it for free on our Home page !