Flight Search

By far the most powerful search in the industry
Future-proof your airfreight procurement with our never-seen-before flight search that delivers complete and real-time visibility over 100% of airlines worldwide.


Game Changer
Just imagine that you can send your quote request to multiple airlines simultaneously…

Leverage a standardized procurement process across your organization now.

Simply request your eQuotes on CargoAi and reach out to a world of carriers in seconds!


Get ready to experience seamless airfreight
Your booking will mostly reach the airlines via APIs and you’ll benefit from a much faster confirmation. When time is of the essence.


Your Secret Weapon
Comparing airline rates is now possible! Accelerate your procurement decisions by benchmarking your contract rates and public rates across multiple airlines simultaneously.

Track & Trace

Keep track of all your shipments using one single tool!
Relax, we’re looking after your shipment. Our platform not only includes Track & Trace services, so you get a complete overview of all your shipments until they reach their destination, but also a state-of-the-art CO2 calculator which allows you to keep track of your environmental footprint.

AI-powered reports

An entirely new ballgame for better decisions
CargoAi’s technology curates massive amounts of data, unlocking actionable business insights that help maximize your procurement strategy and enable more automated, profitable decisions.

What is CargoAi?

CargoAi is an online marketplace that connects Freight Forwarders, Airlines and GSAs. 

It is the only platform that allows direct quote requests to 100% of airlines worldwide, for the full shipment scope. 

A growing number of airlines are also offering a direct eBooking functionality via APIs. CargoAi is powered by the most modern technologies, allowing for a rapid and easy integration to its partners’ systems. 

Why work with us?

All Forwarders benefit from significant time savings thanks to our simple flight search open for 100% of shipments and 100% of carriers worldwide. Keep track of all your shipments using one single tool, open up a wealth of actionable business insights, steer your portfolio of preferred carriers, and a lot more.

All Airlines, irrespective of their size, benefit from increased online visibility, bringing business opportunities to new geographical markets and diversifying existing customer footprint. Reduce your transactional costs and unlock valuable business data to maximize your distribution, revenue management and pricing strategies.