The Gross+Fuchs Group of Networks, worldwide forwarder network, announces strategic partnership with CargoAi to introduce CargoMART and CargoWALLET to its members

Gross Fuchs, a leading freight forwarder network with members worldwide, has announced that it will be providing its members with access to the latest product from CargoAi, CargoWALLET.

CargoWALLET is a modern payment solution for air cargo with supply chain financing capabilities, allowing freight forwarders to make payments for their air cargo shipments directly within the CargoMART booking flow.

Developed by CargoAi, airfreight’s fastest growing digital enabler, CargoMART is a digital marketplace that simplifies air freight processes for freight forwarders of all sizes. Using CargoMART, freight forwarders are empowered to drive every stage of the air freight procurement process with greater efficiency and visibility - from planning, booking, monitoring shipments right through to monitoring their carbon emissions with Cargo2ZERO, CargoAi’s sustainability solution.

Integrated in the CargoMART booking flow, Cargo2ZERO provides CO2 visibility emission data on all CargoAi’s airline schedules, Routes and AWBs, calculated as per IATA RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 1678 STANDARD. With data provided from Cargo2ZERO, Gross Fuchs forwarders can report on their Scope 3 emissions and be fully aligned for environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements. During each booking, they can take the further step to Optimize emissions for each shipment using Cargo2ZERO’s CO2 Efficiency Score as their industry benchmark by always selecting the route with least carbon emissions for their shipment. Gross Fuchs forwarders can also purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) with Neste, the leading producer of SAF, as an ‘add-on’ to each booking to scale climate action rapidly from an individual level.

With CargoWALLET, Gross Fuchs members can additionally benefit from a seamless payment solution, all within one interface. One of the key benefits of CargoWALLET is its streamlined booking and payment process, which allows freight forwarders to search and book shipments instantly, without the need for IATA Cass Number, AWB stock, or bank guarantees. CargoWALLET also provides flexible finance options, such as extended payment terms (PayLater), which can help freight forwarders manage their cash flow more effectively. Additionally, CargoWALLET enables bookings to be made from any origin as well as the lowest exchange rates in over 30 currencies, increasing the global reach and business potential for Gros Fuchs members.

“We are thrilled to offer the full scope CargoAi’s digital ecosystem to all our members. We believe that Cargo2ZERO and CargoWALLET will enhance the overall freight procurement process for all our members. Sustainability is a key focus for us and our members, and with the added advantages of flexible finance options and global reach, CargoMART is the perfect digital marketplace to our network of freight forwarders.”
Viktor André Fuchs, COO of Gross Fuchs, said.
“We are delighted to see our solutions adopted by Gross Fuchs. By simplifying the procurement process, CargoMART empowers freight forwarders to focus on what they do best - moving goods around the world.”
CargoAi CEO, Matthieu Petot, added.

Gross Fuchs members who have a CargoMART account can use all Cargo2ZERO sustainability features as well as apply for their CargoWALLET activation for free.


The Gross Fuchs Group was established in Germany back in 2005 by Helmut Gross and Viktor Fuchs. Both are highly experienced in the freight forwarding industry and share many contacts across the globe to increase the productivity of their freight forwarding networks.

Under the umbrella of the Gross Fuchs Group, there are five well-established freight forwarding networks that aim to foster cooperation among mid-sized freight forwarding companies for mutual benefit. Today the Gross Fuchs Group counts 1000+ members in almost 130 countries.

Through an extensive selection process, the group ensures that only the most reliable and reputable agents are selected for their associations.