Are you a Freight Forwarder, Transport Management System or any other airfreight player of any size looking to integrate airfreight data? We've got you covered with our high-quality API Suite:
Air Cargo CO2 Flight Schedules
Find the best schedule for your next air shipment with the most complete airline coverage and real-time information. Data is refreshed daily. The API includes our state-of-the-art CO2 calculator which allows you to make the most environmentally-friendly transportation decisions.
Air Cargo CO2 Flight schedules & Availability, Rates & Book
Search for available air freight capacities and rates and decide which options you like to book as though you were navigating on our CargoAi marketplace.
Air Cargo CO2 Track & Trace
Our air freight tracking capabilities will help you track your shipments on hundreds of carriers until they reach their destination, but also will empower your teams to track your environmental footprint with our integrated CO2 calculator.